Presbyterian Rust Medical Center, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Baker and
Botts L.L.P., Houston, Texas
Caddell & Conwell Foundation for the Arts
COMPAQ, Houston, Texas
Fisher, Gallager & Lewis, Houston, Texas
Golder, Thoma, Gressey, Rauner, CTCR, Sears Tower, Chicago, Illinois
Kirk & Carrigan, One Shell Plaza, Houston, Texas
Natalie Goldberg, Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Old Jail Art Center, Albany, Texas
Porreco & Kaske. Denver, Colorado
Rothgerver, Appel. Powers & Johnson, Denver, Colorado
Shutts and Bowen, Alfred G. Smith Miami, Florida
The Harwood Museum of Art, Taos, New Mexico
Transco Energy Company, Houston, Texas
United Bank of Colorado, Denver, Colorado
Western Neurological, Denver, Colorado
Zapata Oil Corporation, Office of Former President George H. Bush, Houston, Texas

"I have great respect for Barbara Zaring's work.  I admire her commitment, intensity, openness, and curiosity.  Her sense of color is terrific and her willingness to leap into unknown territory, no matter how challenging, gets my admiration.  Several of her paintings hang on my walls for years and I never grow tired of them." 

- Natalie Goldberg, author of Living Color, A Writer Paints her World.